Peter Eichen

Peter Eichen
L. E. Bruunsvej 38, 1
DK-2920 Charlottenlund
Phone: +45 28690543

Peter Eichen (born 1962) started as an illustrator for the Danish Ornithological Society as a 15 year old. Later he made drawings for various journals, magazines etc. Gradually his interest turned to painting.

Peter Eichen debuted in 1990 with his first solo exhibition and has since continuously held exhibitions.

Selected exhibitions
* Artists' Autumn Exhibition (the Free)
* Horsens art gallery (Affiliated in 2010)
* Gallery Lyrum - Aarhus (Affiliated from 2011)
* Gallery Max Seidenfaden (Was affiliated from 1993 to 2010)
* Gallery Knud Grothe
* The Cobra room at Sofienholm
* Carlsberg exhibitions
* Hvidovre censored exhibition
* The Longwy-haut Museum (France)
* Fuglsanghus
* Copenhagen Airport exhibitions
* Gentofte Town Hall
* Lyngby Art Library
* Gallery Sankt Petri
* Ordupgård Cafè’s exhibitions
* Cultural Center Gammelgaard
* Varmegalleriet
* TV-Byen exhibition
* HUSETS exhibitions
* Gallery AV-Art
* Rådhusgalleriet
* Gallery NÅDADA
* Gallery LB
* Gallery Studio 1 & 2
* Kulturspinderiet

Furthermore at a wide range of exhibitions for different art societies.

The Open Painting - About Peter Eichen’s world of images.

By Tom Jorgensen, editor of Kunstavisen, art writer for the monthly magazine Opus.

Peter Eichen is in many ways a paradoxical artist. His paintings connect things and phenomena not directly belonging to the same sphere. Take, for example the repeatedly motif of the open door, the stair, the arcade, the ladder and the window. All together something which in art history has been associated with the Peter Eichen’s fragmentary buildings and desolated space - the same mysterious and immaterial qualities as in Hammershøi’s paintings - but they are at the same time tremendously physical and sensual.
This is the result of a technique in which all sorts of different materials ranging from sand, cement, glue and paper to spray and pastels mixed together to form an almost relief-like mass of great physical dynamism.
The enigmatic and melancholy glow of the motifs gives it a textural and very present response
A response which fails to picture the external similarity with nature, but is an attempt in each image to capture the natural processes themselves, capture the destruction of the substance, represent decay, cracks and rust, which make even the proudest monument to eventually dissolve and become nature again.This duality is also found in Eichen’s way to build-up a painting.
Formally, he is a figurative working artist with a keen eye for buildings’ sharply defined surfaces and geometric plans, but this rational image-building is met by a technique in which one has the impression that coincidence play an equally important role as the logical and classic qualities of the image.
It is as if Eichen deliberately seeks doubts, resistance and challenges rather than satisfaction by creating beautiful decorative paintings. It is exactly this struggle with substance, this desire to make the painting present instead of just fabricate yet another drawing-room picture that makes Peter Eichen’s paintings exciting and relevant.

You are excited by the enigmatic motifs with their romantic glow of decay, you are challenged by the possibility of insight into other dimensions and you are stimulated by the extremely physical presence of the images. A meeting with Peter Eichen’s images is a total experience with equal parts of sensory stimulation and the possibility of mental processing. They talk to us because in them we recognize sides and memories within ourselves and because, vulnerable, strong, beautiful, chaotic and vibrant as they are, they show the world in its varied diversity.
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